8/26 #LATISM Party: English, Spanish, Spanglish: Language and the Latino future

Iguana, Bravo, Cafeteria, El Niño… the English language is teeming with words loaned from Spanish. It’s no wonder: with the growth of the Latino population in the United States, nuestro idioma has become the de facto second language in the United States…

Why wouldn’t it be? Latinos are everywhere!

Yet, the subject always brings spirited discussions. On the one side, to those of us who have grown up hearing Spanish all of our lives, being bilingual is second nature. Even when we don’t speak it properly, we feel a reverence for the language, a deep connection with it. We may think in English … but we certainly live en español!

On the other side: many – including some Latinos – believe America should remain an English-only nation and that things like bilingual education keeps Latinos behind.

This brings us to some interesting questions:

  • Is the US already a bilingual nation? Is it necessary at this point, for Spanish to be declared the official second language?
  • What is the future of Spanish in America – will it disappear as more of us assimilate, or will the reverse happen and more Americans will learn it?
  • Is there any advantage to speaking Spanish if we live in an English-speaking world?
  • Does preserving the Spanish language mean we are, by extension, preserving our culture?
  • Should Americans–specifically American children–become bilingual?
  • How does monolingualism vs. bilingualism affect the future of America in the global stage?
  • And where does Spanglish fall within this conversation?

Join us tonight for a party that promises to be muy caliente!


We’ll also be sharing some of the NEW plans for our Latino2 Conference, coming up this September 18th, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA.


You’ll need a Twitter account (free) to join the party. If you don’t have one, you can sign up now.

Be sure to follow Elianne Ramos @ergeekgoddess [and @ergeekgoddess1, my Twitter alter ego] before the party so you can follow the flow = When you get this many Latinos under one “cyber-roof”, it can get very crazy!

When you get to the party, say hi, introduce yourself, ask a question or jump right in on the conversation! Just use the tag #latism in all of your party tweets. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!



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