8/11 LATISM Party: Latinos & Writing: Harnessing the Power of the Pen

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In a literary world currently dominated by fierce competition, pigeonholing and a radical shift in the way things are produced, promoted and distributed, it isn’t always easy to make your mark as a Latino writer. Our latest Twitter chat aimed to discuss our community’s thoughts on this conundrum, as well as to bounce around ideas on how to solve this. This was truly one of our most inspiring chats, we’re surrounded by amazing voices from around the cyberworld!!

The culture, heritage and commitment embodied by the carefully crafted words of some of so many LATISM members pay tribute to the creativity and writing skill of our community at large. It was so refreshing to learn that our tweeps frequently contribute to books, articles, quotes for publications, and religiously publish their own blogs… We should all be proud to be part of a movement that is burgeoning with writers… and give them ALL our support!

Read our LATISM WRITING TWITTER PARTY TRANSCRIPT and hear their thoughts on the craft, the state of Latino Literature, resources and ideas to OWN THE WORD and use it to forward our community… plus Latino books and authors recommendations!  READ – and WRITE – ON!!


© Hxdbzxy | Dreamstime.com

“If you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. If you have the law, argue the law. If you have neither, holler.” ~ Al Gore

For most of history, writing has been a fundamental human activity. Nowadays, it has become a way of life, even for those who at one point would have sworn they couldn’t write for their lives. Whether we are journalists, authors, bloggers, or simply write emails and tweets, all of us have used or plan to use the “power of the pen” to communicate, to persuade, to recommend, support, challenge or defend ideas.

With blogging and social media now such a pervasive part of our daily life, the format, the effects and even the definition of what a writer is have changed. For better or for worse, we live in a new world — and most of us have had to learn how to navigate the new waters of communication.

Tonight, we’ll talk about how the act of writing, the effects social media has had in it, and the best ways to harness its power to shift social, cultural, political paradigms for helping our Latino community.

  • How has new media changed the definition of what a “writer” is?
  • What are the new rules of writing in this new social world?
  • Now that anyone can publish and distribute their own writing, is it easier or harder for writers to make an impact?
  • How can we make our writing most effective as a tool for moving our community forward?

Join us tonight and tell us how YOU do it!





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