7/26 LATISM Twitter Party: Celebrating Latino Culinary Traditions!

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The un-matchable carne asada sabor fresh from abuelita’s grill, the sweet smell of sofrito calling us out from in mom’s kitchen, the invisible power that makes us get out of the house at an ungodly hour in search of the nearest taco truck (extra guacamole, please!) Whether Latino or not, food is a link to our subconscious, a passageway to the sweetest of memories and the preservation of traditions. It is the glue that binds us to our roots just as much as language and music do.

Even for those of us who may have never been there, part of our journey as bilingual and bicultural Latinos is both honoring and preserving the traditional foods of our respective countries… and passing our love and passion for them out to the future generations.

Tonight on LATISM, we’re calling out our Latino foodies, chefs (aspiring or otherwise), experts and those who simply enjoy Latino culinary delights to join us in a discussion of memories, heritage, recipes and tips for all things Latino cuisine!

Our guest will be @guacgirl from Avocados from Mexico  . She’ll be sharing tips, tricks, recipes and healthy twists from our most traditional cuisine, all made with Abuelita’s Avocados (SIDE NOTE: Did you know, by the way, that Mexico is the source of the world’s finest avocados? NOT THAT WE’RE SURPRISED 😉

To co-host the celebration, we’ll have our darling foodie friend @JulieDiazAsper from Sol y Pimienta, and one of the best chefs around (I can attest to that!)

We’ll also be giving away the following prizes:

TWO Avocado Lovers Gift bag of bags ( a tote and 4 reusable grocery bags)

ONE Avocado Lovers Gift bag of bags + $100 Visa gift card

So join us for a night of food, friends, freebies… and all the fun you have come to love about LATISM!


CO-HOSTS: @ergeekgoddess @AnaRC @JulieDiazAsper

DATE:  Thursday – July 26, 2012

TIME: 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST

TOPIC:  Food de mi tierra

HASHTAG(s): #amolosaguacates #iloveavocados #LATISM

GUEST(S): @guacgrl




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  1. marcus.burst@gmail.com'
    Marcus 7 years ago

     People definitely have a connection to food, after all, we do eat it every day and night! Some people more than others but when you’re using a recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation you can’t help but feel a sense of pride about your family when the dish comes out oh, so yum!

    In fact I was recently at a Taco restaurant and my god was it good! Taco’s, Burrito’s, Quesadilla’s, you name it and I’ll eat it! I think I’m in love with Latino food.. oh and the spicier the better 🙂

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