7/1 LATISM party: Latinos? Americans? Latin-Americans?

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As Latism gears up to the loooong [and long-awaited] July 4th weekend, we salute the country that has opened its arms to us, “La patria de todos”:


Whether we pledge allegiance to the USA by birth, naturalization or personal choice, the July 4th celebration is -as it should be- a joyful time to all of us.

In a country where dulce de leche is the #2 flavor of ice cream behind vanilla, where salsa surpasses Ketchup as the favorite condiment, and Garcia happens to be the 8th most popular last name, there’s little doubt that we Latinos have embraced America and planted a big, wet cultural kiss in its metaphorical cheek.

No longer are we in search of the American Dream: We have become el Sueño Americano!

But have we, really? What exactly is our place in this so-called land of immigrants?

Are we Latinos, Americanos or Latino Americanos?

Does referring to oneself as American imply “selling out” one’s Latino-ness and viceversa?

Are we destined to be, as La India Maria so famously said: Ni de aquí ni de allá?

And what role does the “Collective We” – all of us as Latinos in Social Media have in bridging these two worlds?

So many questions… to which we just know you have PLENTY of answers!

Please join us as we dissect our dual American and Latino identities over a virtual barbacoa and margaritas! We even got some fireworks for you, a special prize courtesy of tonight’s guest, @Tecnopadres!

But remember, you’ve gotta be IN IT to WIN IT!



You’ll need a Twitter account (free) to join the party. If you don’t have one, you can sign up now.

Be sure to follow Elianne Ramos @ergeekgoddess before the party so you can follow the flow = When you get this many Latinos under one “cyber-roof”, it can get very crazy!

When you get to the party, say hi, introduce yourself, ask a question or jump right in on the conversation! Just use the tag #latism in all of your party tweets. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!




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