6/23 LATISM Twitter Party: Latino Empowerment

I don’t know about you, but Thursdays are my favorite day of the week – I get to hang out with the most amazing group of folks in all of the entire Universe: my LATISM Twitter folk. Last night -like every Thursday eve – over 300 or so of us discussed, dissected and presented real life, feasible ideas that can contribute to our individual and collective empowerment as a peoples.

Some of my favorite tweets (wish I had space to add them all!):

I invite you to print out LATINO EMPOWERMENT Party Transcript and grab a chair… You’ll find plenty of distilled Latino Twisdom in there to keep you going for the weekend… Of course, nothing compares to the sheer adrenaline rush that participating in the live chat can produce, so hope to Tweet you at the party next week!










There are many ways to define empowerment: that of the self, developing confidence in our own capabilities, taking care of our own life and the world under our personal jurisdiction; empowerment of others, meaning allowing others the space, knowledge and respect to harness their own strength. There’s also, in a larger sense of the word, what may be the ultimate kind of empowerment: that of the community, the one that increases the spiritual, political, social and/or economic strength of individuals within a group in order to elevate the power of all.

For the Latino community in the United States, the time has come to start realizing that our empowerment does not and will not come from numbers alone. Empowerment of any kind requires awareness. It requires that each and every one of us individuals do not give away our own power or allow others to infantilize us. It requires for each and every one of us to own our personal power and be able to access it and use it appropriately. Lastly, it requires unity, but not the fake kind of unity where we all hold hands together and sing Kumbaya –but unity based on the knowledge that self-ID/self-pride and pushing the community’s future forward are NOT mutually exclusive.

Tonight, we’ll discuss the many ways in which our Latino community can start moving in this direction.

  • With so many differences among us, can Latinos in the US ever achieve true unity?
  • Should unity even part of the empowerment equation?
  • How can we mobilize ourselves and other Latinos to increase our voice in institutions and decisions that affect our lives?
  • How do we empower ourselves, the people directly around us, and by extension, the larger Latino community?

Come share your thoughts with LATISM tonight!





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