6/21 #LATISM Twitter Party: Harnessing Our Latino Influence



In terms of growth, the Latino population now represents the biggest demographic shift with Latinos being 16.3% of the total population (a 43% increase since the 2000 census of the Latino population in the United States, according to official 2010 Census figures) and projected to reach 30% by 2050.

In 2012, our community represents $1.4 billion in buying power. Our culture in the US is enduring and sustainable and leaving an indelible mark on America, from food to music and fashion, to the conversations and debates of the day.

Needless to say, the impact of our culture is something in everybody’s radar these days: from marketers to media to politicians, everyone seems to want a piece of Latinos these days – especially with our growing online presence (32 million Latinos in U.S. are online!!) and the weight of our votes in the upcoming elections.

The question is, though, is our influence in OUR own radar? Let’s talk about it tonight on our LATISM chat! We’ll discuss the current state of our influence in the country as well as practical, actionable ideas and strategies we can implement NOW to make this influence felt in every sphere!

  • How do you define influence?
  • How does this definition apply to the emerging voices of Latinos in the space?
  • How will our influence manifest itself in November’s elections?
  • Has our population – including those not online – internalized our own power?
  • How do we harness our power and make it work for our community’s benefit, where it counts?





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