6/17 LATISM party: Food de mi Tierra!

Is your Latino food vocabulary limited to “Yo quiero Taco Bell”?

Do you know your Salsa from your Salsa?

Can you name all 88 ingredients used to make Mole?

Whether you’re one of those poor misguided souls who think ALL Latinos live on Beans and Tortillas, an adventurous connoisseur who’d like to brag about their culinary prowess or simply a Latino who wishes you could eat como Dios manda” more often, join our LATISM party this week as we Eat, Drink and Tweet Merry!


Like our abuelitas used to say: “Barriga llena, corazón contento” [A full belly, a happy heart]. As bilingual and bicultural Latinos living in the United States, nothing fills our little hearts with delight like a nice plate of our own cocina chased down with our favorite bebida.

Our LATISM tweeps will bring out their sartenes and their metates to discuss the most authentic and exotic flavors from their respective countries to bring you a well-rounded tour of the rich and diverse gastronomy of Latin America. They’ll be on hand to share their knowledge and love of regional dishes, coffees, vinos, and of course, the cultural traditions and eating rituals that bind us together.

From Cuban Ropa Vieja, Argentinian Asado and Puerto Rican Mofongo to better-known Mexican fare like Pico de gallo, Quesadillas and other picante flavors from south of the border, we’ll talk about what makes these dishes so delicious and how they are an integral part of our Latino culture.

You might even get a cooking tip or two, courtesy of a Special Guest, our very own Yoly Mason [@CuponeandoLive]*

So grab your plates, pass the Mojitos, come share with us your favorite dishes, drinks, recipes and memories of a lifetime of EATING LATINO.

Buen Provecho!!!


About Yoly Mason:
Yoly is a Latina blogger/vlogger. She’s also the host of Cuponeando Live on MomTV.com, an interactive show where she demonstrates how to prepare recipes that are simple and inexpensive yet elegant in 30 minute or less. You can find her recipes at YNRLive.com.



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