5/5 LATISM Twitter Party: It’s Our Cinco de Mayo Party!

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Break out the guacamole, the bags of chips and oversized sombreros: Tonight on our LATISM Twitter party, we’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo (which, for the record, is NOT Mexican Independence Day.)

With 12.6 million Latinos of Mexican origin in the US in 2010 [2 out of 3 Latinos], the holiday has transformed the American calendar forever. So what if the holiday has become a mere excuse to sell beer and Tostitos? Just because it’s not a big holiday in Mexico, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it!

And celebrate it we will: tonight’s might just be our biggest fiesta yet, as LATISM will be partying live from the House… Yep, you heard it right:

LATISM is going to the WHITE HOUSE!

Join us as we sample virtual margaritas, discuss the significance –or not – of this yearly celebration and bring you the play-by-play from the nation’s biggest Cinco de Mayo party, LIVE from the East Wing of the White House!

  • Is this celebration a positive or negative one for Latinos?
  • Has Cinco de Mayo’s popularity peaked?
  • And the most important question: If you had him face-to-face, what would you ask President Obama?


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