5/3 #LATISM Twitter Party: Becoming Champions of Our Children’s Education


Without a doubt, Education is at the top of every parent’s list,  and it seems to be the case for other ethnic groups. According to a recent study commissioned by the College Board, 81% of Latinos believe education is an extremely important issue, vs 62 percent of whites and 91% African Americans.

 Education, of course, begins in the home. As US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has said, “Parenting is the most important job that every parent takes on. Good parenting and family involvement in schools are essential if children are going to flourish and fulfill their dreams.”

While we all would agree that being a child’s education champion is a parent’s life-long responsibility, many factors can prevent/make it difficult for parents to truly be active in their child’s education.

Tonight on #LATISM, we would like to invite the parents, educators and friends in our community, to join us as we discuss ideas, tips and resources for raising awareness about parental advocacy in education.

We’ll have the participation of our friends from Univision, who, incidentally have just launched the third phase of its national, multi-faceted education initiative Es El Momento (The Moment Is Now) to drive academic achievement with focus on parental advocacy.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How can parents be an active part in their children’s education?
  • What are some things a parent can do at home to ensure their kids get the most out school?
  • How can parents build strong partnerships with his/her children’s teachers and school staff?
  • If the key to the future of our community is to get more Latino children to college, how do we achieve that dream?






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