5/10 LATISM Twitter Party: Celebrating Mother’s Day, The Latino Way!



Gather around people, it’s Mother’s Day!
Mother’s Day is one of those holidays where there is not real consensus as to when it should be celebrated [I vote for EVERY DAY!]. The date for the holiday varies – On May 10th it’s celebrated in El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, while in the US, it’s this coming Sunday. In other countries [like Dominican Republic] the celebration comes the last Sunday of the month. Other countries celebrate on completely different months altogether, i.e Argentina [October] and Panama [December].

But no matter when, where or how you celebrate it, truth is, if you’re of Latino descent, you know for a fact that Mother’s Day is by far the biggest holiday of the year: We simply ADORE our Jefecitas!

La Madre Latina is a special breed. Not only are we the ones having the higher number of births out there, according to @Pew [a 13 percent increase from 1990 to 2010 – higher than any other demographic], we are also showing the world what motherhood is all about in our own special Latina way.

Although the roles are changing, as mamás, we somehow always refer back to our own mother’s style when it comes to mothering. And one of the favorite ways for Latina moms to demonstrate their love is through food. Chances are, some of our favorite childhood memories are tied to one of our mom’s special dishes.

So tonight, we’re going to celebrate their day como Dios manda!

We’ll be discussing the changing role of Latina motherhood, the traditional – and not so traditional – ways to celebrate Mother’s Day a la Latina, Mom’s favorite recipes and ideas on how to make this holiday truly special for the ones who deserve it all: our Madrecitas… porque “Mamá sabe más”, we’ll be using the #mamasabemas hashtag as well as #LATISM.


  • DATE: MAY 8th, 2012
  • TIME: 9-11 PM EST
  • HASHTAGS: #LATISM #MamaSabeMas
  • HOSTESS: @ergeekgoddess
  • GUESTS: 




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