5 Ways to Engage students, educators and learners by using Posterini


posterinOnline tools that allow users to combine visuals with text can serve as a great aid to synthesize and summarize the work and projects of students, learners and educators in ways that are quick and easy to share and understand without having to read many pages of text. Let’s explore how posterini.com, one of the leading online technology tools in this area, can help students and educators fulfill this need.

Posterini is an online tool that requires no installation. It allows students to quickly create professional looking digital posters and flyers, combining visuals with text and effects, to communicate messages in powerful and intuitive ways. Let’s review 5 easy ways to use Posterini effectively.

The right image

An image speaks more than a thousand words, but choosing your background image wisely is key; You want to engage your audience and keep them interested in the theme of your poster. Think of the topic of your project and connect it with other areas. Be bold and choose an image that surprises and becomes memorable; This will ensure that your message will stay in the minds of the audience for a long time


Simplicity is key; You don’t want to saturate your poster with too much text. Be brief and effective; Identify the essence of your message. It is better to communicate that essence clearly than confuse your audience and lose them in the process.


Guiding the eyes of your audience will keep them interested. Nowadays people’s attention span is very limited. You have just a few seconds to grab them. So decide what’s the most important part of your message and create a big and compact title with it. This title should be way bigger than the rest of the text in the poster. Then identify sub themes and create other levels and texts. Make sure each of the levels is clearly different in size from the others. You want clarity above all. Your audience should immediately understand your hierarchy levels.

Call to Action

Life is about taking action. To further engage your friends, partners or group members, create a call to action in your poster. This could be a call to join an online group, or to submit a homework, or to deliver some feedback. You have to tell people clearly what’s the next step. Your poster is an introduction and needs a call to action to help people move from there.

Use a geometric shape with a strong color and inverted text on top for maximum effect.

Tell a Story

We love stories. Great stories contain mysteries, twists, more questions than answers, awesome characters. Think about your topic and find characters that represent that theme. Then build your poster around them. We empathize with people. Tell a story through that character. Make your audience curious and then use the previous call to action for them to find more at your facebook page or website.

Ready for action? Enrich your linguistic skills blending visuals and typography and practice synthesizing the essence of your project, homework or message by creating an effective digital poster that combines simplicity, strong hierarchies, a surprising and creative background image, a powerful call to action and a story that engages your audience.

posterini 2Article by Javier Gonzalez

Join Posterini at www.posterini.com

Quick tutorials at www.posterini.com/tutorials

The Wall: http://www.posterini.com/wall




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