4/28 LATISM Party: Latinos and the New America

Without a doubt, we’re living in a very a transformational decade for the nation. The 2010 census shows vividly how the Latino community is leading growth in the nation’s most dynamic regions, a very telling barometer of things that are likely to come over the next decade.

With the 2010 Census numbers counting 50.5 million Hispanics in the United States, a growth of 43% from 2000, there’s no denying that Latinos are shifting the social, political and racial dynamics around the US and becoming a veritable demographic center of gravity.

In fact, the numbers from the 2010 Census are already affecting redistricting in many states, where district boundary lines are being redrawn based on population size and racial makeup – pointing to a new era of racial politics in major states.

So officially, we have become the largest minority in the United States… so what?

  • What happens now with Census numbers?
  • Does having the numbers imply we have true political clout?
  • What does Latino growth imply for the future of America?
  • Is the Latino community ready for a future where it plays a central role?

Let’s talk about it tonight!


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