3/31 #LATISM Twitter Party: Latino Activism: Past, present and future

84 years ago, On a day like this, the man who would become the face of Latino activism was born. César Chavez, with his relentless fight for the rights of farmers in the Southwest, singlehandedly marked the beginning of a new Latino era.

Though the image of his body of work as an activist have faded somewhat since, César Chavez continues to be, for many, the inspiration from which they draw on the strength to fight current battles in the way to social justice.

Today, a new generation of activists has emerged, as online communications enables more and more people to shine the light onto the issues that currently affect Latinos and other minorities. But who are they? And are their tactics being as effective?

In honor of Chavez and his memory, tonight we’ll be talking about the state of Latino activism today.

  • Decades after he began organizing California farmworkers, what is Chavez’s legacy?
  • Is there still a need for activism now that latinos are such a prominent force in US life?
  • What challenges/opportunities does advocacy work face as the Latino community cements its presence in the digital space?


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  1. asdd4d67w-oo6yy23232fgew3355ewe@aol.com'
    assignment online 6 years ago

    What an interesting name this guy have, Ceasar. Hmm, it’s a good idea to call a son like this, don’t you thing guyz??

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