3/17 LATISM PARTY: Latinos, Social Media and the News

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Recent developments in the world [the Middle East uprising, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, to name a few], have brought to the forefront the influence of social media and the way it’s changing the way that the news are written, discussed and shared.

Arguably, news organizations don’t own the news anymore. For Latinos, this can be a pivotal moment in time. In a medium that has often been accused of misrepresenting our entire population, it can be said that the potential for change is in our hands as we increase our participation as creators of content.

Tonight on LATISM, we’ll do a close examination of the Latino community’s participation as creators and consumers of the news and the long term effects of social media in the news industry.

  • What are the underlying issues that exist today for Latinos both in the U.S. and other countries with regard to the news?
  • Are Latino choices in news media more complex because we can access news in two languages?
  • What is the future of the news and how can we be more [pro] active in shaping it?
  • Is social media truly changing the Latino narrative in America?
  • And where does that leave the huge part of the population that is still not involved in social media?



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