2/16 LATISM Twitter Party: Celebrating Nuestra Música with Univision and Premio Lo Nuestro!


It’s no secret Latinos are a diverse bunch, and it is this amazing heterogeneity that has helped our culture thrive and leave an undeniable mark in virtually every arena.  With the possible exception of our varied cuisine, no other place is this sabor felt stronger than in our música Latina.

From the Afro-infused tropical rythms of merengue and salsa to the Mexican ranchera, the Nicaraguan palo de mayo and the Colombian cumbia and vallenato, all the way to the Argentine tango and yes, even Spanish and Portuguese influences [samba, anyone?], our Latino music is the unifying thread that gives our collective pride its vibrant feet.

Tonight on LATISM, and on occasion of the annual “Premio Lo Nuestro” 2012,  we’ll celebrate celebrate the astounding diversity in Latin music and the artists who have and continue to contribute their talent to making amazing music that transcends cultures.

  • Is it important for Latino artists to get national recognition? Why/Why not?
  • How does our music reflect the values and aspirations of our community?
  • What is the future of Latinos in music? Will it become more mainstream or stand separate as it is now?

Premio Lo Nuestro” 2012 will air LIVE from Miami starting at 7 p.m. -11 p.m. ET, and our friends from @Univision will be joining our celebration. So grab your remote and whip out on your dancing chanclas – this is a fiesta YOU don’t want to miss!!






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