12/23 LATISM party: Latinos as Consumers

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Ah, the days right before the Holidays. Days filled with non-stop merriment, with the joyful expectation of meeting with family again; days filled with… shopping?

You can say that nowadays, the Fiesta’s meaning of joy to the world has somehow gotten diluted to become synonymous with consuming. The signs are everywhere: the holiday advertising onslaught on TV, the endless lines at the mall, the gift with purchase offers (while supplies last!).

In fact, December 23rd or Christmas Eve Eve, is the busiest shopping day of the year, topping even the infamous Black Friday. It’s the day most people do their last minute Christmas shopping in order to avoid the Christmas Eve rush.

With some studies boasting that Latinos purchasing power is estimated to be as much as $1.3 trillion while others declare that 22% of Latinos Live in Poverty, the issue of where we fit in as consumers in America is definitely a subject worth discussing.

We know that consumerism is deeply interwoven into the fabric of American culture, but what form does consumerism take among our population?

Let’s talk about it!

Join us tonight, it’s LATISM’s Latino Consumer party!

  • Have the holidays lost their true meaning for us?
  • Is shopping a way of coming to grips with American culture—and leaving our own behind?
  • How can we successfully navigate in this world of constant consumption?
  • And, is consumption really that bad after all or is it a necessary evil?



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