1/20 LATISM party: Latinos and Health

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Latinos have always had a special relationship with health and healthcare in general. Our culture tends to shape our concept of diseases, the way we seek for treatment, and even the existence of certain illnesses. Whether we were born or grew up in the United States or not, consider ourselves acculturated or not, the fact is that many of the beliefs we inherited from la abuela still live with us.

Who hasn’t been told they have an “empacho”, or to apply vivaporú to cure almost every disease known to humanity? [Hey, I still do it!]

Whether these superstitions have an true effect in our individual overall health is up to debate, but the truth is, the health panorama for Latinos looks grim at best. A new study called Health Disparities & Inequalities Report (CHDIR), released by the Center for Disease Control, shows how ethnic minorities in the United States—especially those who have high rates of poverty such as Latinos — are more likely to experience disparities in health and in accessing health care services. Although as a culture, we tend to have lower mortality rates, we have higher rates of obesity, diabetes and chronic illnesses like heart disease.

Tonight on LATISM, we’ll talk about some of the health issues affecting our community:

– Are there any differences between US and non-US born Latinos in the way we approach health and healthcare?

– How much do Latinos know about their health, and what are our primary sources of information?

-While we’re on the subject, we’ll take a non-partisan look at what the Repeal of Health Care Reform means for Latinos.

Join us, should make for a very HEALTHY discussion [pun intended]






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