12/19 Special LATISM Twitter Party: Let’s Shop Smart with Consumer Reports!

© Rukanoga | Dreamstime.com

© Rukanoga | Dreamstime.com

It’s that time of year again! La Nochebuena, La Navidad and El Día de los Santos Reyes are around the corner again… which means Shop Til You Drop has become the phrase ‘du jour’ once again. As a matter of fact, despite the present economic situation, 52% of consumers plan to spend $500 or more on gifts this holiday season [Stats gathered by Drop Down Deals]. While most of America completes their holiday shop-a-thon, where are we LATISM? Let’s find out together!

At our next LATISM party, we’ll discuss Latino Holiday Shopping habits and the tips YOU need to take advantage of before you hit the stores this week [come on, admit it, you waited for the last minute too LOL]

To help us sort out the barrage of information for consumers out there, we’ve invited our friends from Consumer Reports: an expert, independent, non-profit organization working to empower consumers to protect themselves, in English and Spanish = our kind of people!

Via their handle, @CRenespanol, they’ll be sharing some critical information to help all of us become savvy shoppers. As for you, we know you have a few smart shopping tricks up your sleeve, so please come share them with us!

  • Do you consider yourself immune to consumerist messages? How so?
  • What consumer issues matter most to you: the best deal, the best product/service or product safety?
  • What are your Number 1 tips for savvy holiday shopping?
  • What kind of steps are you taking now help yourself be a more responsible consumer?




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    Sheila Vives 8 years ago

    See you there !

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