12/13 Special LATISM Twitter Party: Holiday Familia Time


When you think of holidays family gatherings, what comes to mind?

A house full of tías and primos, loads of food while the kids harmoniously sing the villancicos they’ve been rehearsing for months for the ocassion?

Or is the reality more like a house full of kids playing with their Wii, with the teenagers hunched over their cell phones and the adults trying to outscream the blaring Christmas special on TV?

Yep, technology has become an ubiquitous part of daily life, including holiday family time. Sure, it is debatable whether its constant presence in our lives changes family dynamics, but what is certain is that technology has definitely changed the way families spend time and interact with each other.

Tonight, on a special LATISM party, we’ll explore holiday family time and share tips and ideas on how to maximize family holiday time [with or without technology]. Come share yours with us!

  • How do you plan to spend family time together this holiday season?
  • 94% of Hispanics say spending quality time w/ family is more valuable than gifts. What holiday family moments do you prefer to gifts?
  • 62% of Hispanics will spend less than $150 on family-friendly activities this season.   What are your plans for fun cost-effective at-home activities?

This party is sponsored by Nintendo Wii and we’ll be using hashtag #wiifamilia and #LATISM.






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  1. 5fdd65hrhtk5f66ggdfhgj@aol.com'

    With this new look MOL I also hope the passion for blogging become more channeled properly and have a good routine. Once again thanks for the appreciation of friends. Wassalam.

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